Animatedpiano challenge: fanfare for health workers

Today (26 March 2020) people in the UK are being asked to applaud health workers. See the full story here:

If you can play the piano and make a YouTube video, there is another way that you can show your support for all health workers, wherever they may be. Take part in our challenge to play a ‘fanfare for health workers’. This is open to all pianists and keyboard players anywhere in the world, from beginners to professionals. You can do it at any time, any day.

Please don’t worry about your ability level or video quality, it’s the spirit that counts. If you can play major chords in a good strong rhythm, you can play a fanfare. Even if you’ve only just started learning and don’t yet know what a major chord is, you can still take part. Watch our ‘Animated piano note chart’ (see below), find the notes C, E and G in the middle of the piano, and play them separately or together in any combination. Congratulations, you’ve just played a fanfare!

When you’re happy with your fanfare, record it to video and upload it to YouTube with the title ‘Animatedpiano challenge: fanfare for health workers’. There is no time limit for submissions, so do it when you feel ready. Every so often we will search YouTube for entries and feature some of them on this site. So come on, what are you waiting for? Get to work on your fanfare and show your support. Let’s hear it for the health workers!