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Animatedpiano.com: what’s it all about?

Animatedpiano.com aims to liven up piano learning with a variety of material that will supplement any good piano method. Everything which appears on the site is carefully chosen or developed to appeal to a wide range of ages, from very young beginners to adult learners. Whatever your interest in the piano – learning, teaching, playing or just listening – you may find something here. Much of the content on the site will be free, and will remain so. At the moment, and until further notice, absolutely everything on the site is free to either stream or download.

For details of the most recent additions to the site, head to the ‘What’s New’ page.

Keep an eye on this page, it will be updated whenever new content is added. The most recent posts are listed in the sidebar to the left.

Work in progress…

Please note that this site is still in development. For a while some pages may have very little content, or just a ‘content coming soon’ notice. The pages will start to fill up as new stuff is added!

Sheet Music

This page will contain piano sheet music in downloadable PDF format. Many of the pieces will have audio or video examples.


On this group of pages you will find links to interesting and inspiring piano and music education videos. Some original tutorial videos, created specially for this site, are in preparation.

More Resources

In this section you will find things not covered by the ‘Sheet Music’ or Videos’ categories, for example: information articles, musical note flashcards, and scale checklists. The Teacher Zone contains material which will be mostly of interest to piano teachers and adult learners.

More information

For more in-depth descriptions of the content which will appear on the site, read this article:

Coming up on animatedpiano.com

Resources to liven up piano learning: sheet music, videos and more!

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