One-horse Open Sleigh

This piece can be played as a solo or as a duet part for Jingle Bells (level A0, featured in the previous post). It may look a bit complicated, but don’t panic! Just remember that fingers 2 and 3 of each hand are on black keys. The only exception is in bar 7, where the right hand plays D natural.

Here is the sheet music and the video:

Here is the teacher reference sheet for Jingle Bells (level A0) and One-horse Open Sleigh (level A3):

Jingle Bells for absolute beginners

What, yet another version of Jingle Bells for easy piano? Yes, but this one’s a bit different. It’s a very simple ‘pre-notation’ arrangement, which is centered around Middle C. Hand positions are shown in the video.

A companion piece, ‘One-horse Open Sleigh’, is coming up in the next post, together with a teacher reference sheet for both pieces.