Chopin and Debussy (Peter Jablonski in performance)

A couple of performance videos featuring pianist Peter Jablonski. The music is by two of the greatest composers for the piano: Chopin and Debussy.

For the best sound quality, view these videos in HD if you can.

Chopin: Mazurka, Op. 17 No. 4

The mazurka is a traditional dance in triple time (3 beats in a bar) from Poland. This type of dance was very important to Chopin as a way of expressing his Polish heritage. He wrote more than 50 of them, and they cover a wide variety of moods. Chopin’s mazurkas include some of his most thoughtful and inventive music. This mazurka is a very fine example.

Debussy: Reflets dans l’eau (Reflections in the Water)

The French composer Debussy was a master of ‘sound pictures’ for the piano or orchestra. His style reminds some listeners of the Impressionist school of painters (Monet, for example). For that reason, Debussy is often called an ‘Impressionist’ composer. However, Debussy did not like having the term ‘Impressionist’ applied to his music.