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Jingle Bells – a simple version for early elementary, hands together

Yes, it’s another version of Jingle Bells! This one’s for students who have been learning for just a little while. It’s nice and simple, although it does feature some dotted rhythms and hands together. The tune has been simplified slightly to make it as easy as possible to play.

The link to download the sheet music is below the video. It can also be downloaded via the Sheet Music page.

Under The Christmas Lights – audio and links to sheet music

(Post updated January 16 2024). Yes, it’s been very quiet around here recently. But that is about to change as Animatedpiano releases a Christmas single! It’s a piano cover of Under The Christmas Lights by Gwen Stefani, and it will be available on several major streaming platforms.

Unfortunately, and beyond the control of, it wasn’t available for Christmas 2023. But it is available now. At least we’ll be nice and early for Christmas 2024!

The beautiful photo which appears on the cover artwork is used by kind permission of Jill Wellington on Pixabay.

So here it is, along with Gwen Stefani’s original:

The sheet music for the piano arrangement is already available on Sheet Music Plus and Sheet Music Direct, in two versions.

The Original Key version, as heard on the Animatedpiano recording, would be suitable for an advanced intermediate (UK grade 5-6) student who enjoys a challenge. It’s in the key of D flat major, so there are lots of black keys, but there are no big chords or wide stretches.

The C major version is basically the same arrangement but in the key of C, so it’s almost entirely on the white keys. It will be approachable at grade 4 level.

Under The Christmas Lights (Original Key) – Sheet Music Plus

Under The Christmas Lights (Original Key) – Sheet Music Direct

Under The Christmas Lights (C major) – Sheet Music Plus

Under The Christmas Lights (C major) – Sheet Music Direct

Getting Started On The Piano

Here’s a collection of very simple tunes for beginner pianists, using just the 5 notes which were shown in Piano Notation Basics Part 5. The free PDF can be downloaded from below the video, or via the Sheet Music section.

Finding Your Way 1, as mentioned in the video, is available from the link here (more details and video coming soon).

Getting Started On The Piano

This link will take you to the Piano Pictures website, where you can download your free PDF.

Gurlitt: The First Lessons (Op.117)

Cornelius Gurlitt (1820-1901) was a German composer who wrote a great amount of attractive music for piano students. Here is a selection of pieces from his collection The First Lessons (Anfangs-Stunden in German). These editions have been specially prepared for and are free to download. They are hosted by the International Music Score Library Project (

The earlier pieces in The First Lessons have no titles so the following descriptions may be helpful:

No.6, Allegretto grazioso, is a charming little melody which grows out of a C major broken chord pattern.

No.8, Vivace, is a spirited march.

No.9, Allegretto, is a little study which encourages a good, well-balanced hand position.

No.12, Moderato, is a simple scale study. It uses the scale of C major in the right hand and, later, G major in the left hand.

In the Bleak Midwinter (Sheet music level E)

In the Bleak Midwinter is a setting of a poem by Christina Rosetti (1830-94). The music is by Gustav Holst (1874-1934), who is best known as the composer of the orchestral suite The Planets. The sheet music can be downloaded below (underneath the video) or via the Sheet Music page.

This arrangement stays fairly close to Holst’s original setting for 4-part choir. A light touch on the sustaining pedal may be helpful in places, but be careful not to overdo the pedalling.

Deck the Hall (Sheet music level C)

This well-known traditional carol, which is often called Deck the Halls, needs no introduction. The free sheet music can be downloaded below (underneath the video) or via the Sheet Music page.

In this arrangement, both hands stay in position most of the time. But watch out for the right hand thumb-under in bar 11. Notice that all the notes in bars 11-12 can be found in the middle of the 2-octave scale of G major.

Goblins and Ghosts! (Sheet music level D)

Here’s a spooky piece which has been specially written for . The free PDF sheet music can be downloaded below (underneath the video) or via the Sheet Music page. Goblins and Ghosts! is a staccato study which will need careful counting. Remember that the spaces between the notes are just as important as the notes themselves!

If you enjoy Goblins and Ghosts!, why not make a video of yourself playing it and upload it to YouTube? For extra effect you could dress up in a Halloween costume! But don’t worry if you’re not able to learn it in time for Halloween, it would be good at any time of the year.

One-horse Open Sleigh

This piece can be played as a solo or as a duet part for Jingle Bells (level A0, featured in the previous post). It may look a bit complicated, but don’t panic! Just remember that fingers 2 and 3 of each hand are on black keys. The only exception is in bar 7, where the right hand plays D natural.

Here is the sheet music and the video:

Here is the teacher reference sheet for Jingle Bells (level A0) and One-horse Open Sleigh (level A3):