Jingle Bells – a simple version for early elementary, hands together

Yes, it’s another version of Jingle Bells! This one’s for students who have been learning for just a little while. It’s nice and simple, although it does feature some dotted rhythms and hands together. The tune has been simplified slightly to make it as easy as possible to play.

The link to download the sheet music is below the video. It can also be downloaded via the Sheet Music page.

Under The Christmas Lights – audio and links to sheet music

(Post updated January 16 2024). Yes, it’s been very quiet around here recently. But that is about to change as Animatedpiano releases a Christmas single! It’s a piano cover of Under The Christmas Lights by Gwen Stefani, and it will be available on several major streaming platforms.

Unfortunately, and beyond the control of animatedpiano.com, it wasn’t available for Christmas 2023. But it is available now. At least we’ll be nice and early for Christmas 2024!

The beautiful photo which appears on the cover artwork is used by kind permission of Jill Wellington on Pixabay.

So here it is, along with Gwen Stefani’s original:

The sheet music for the piano arrangement is already available on Sheet Music Plus and Sheet Music Direct, in two versions.

The Original Key version, as heard on the Animatedpiano recording, would be suitable for an advanced intermediate (UK grade 5-6) student who enjoys a challenge. It’s in the key of D flat major, so there are lots of black keys, but there are no big chords or wide stretches.

The C major version is basically the same arrangement but in the key of C, so it’s almost entirely on the white keys. It will be approachable at grade 4 level.

Under The Christmas Lights (Original Key) – Sheet Music Plus

Under The Christmas Lights (Original Key) – Sheet Music Direct

Under The Christmas Lights (C major) – Sheet Music Plus

Under The Christmas Lights (C major) – Sheet Music Direct